St-Émilie Skillshare is saying GOODBYE… but Sidetracks is staying!

After 8 years of rad community art, activism, and politics, the St-Émilie Skillshare is saying GOODBYE. We want to thank everyone who has been part of this adventure, who has come to our space, who has organized with us, who has shared their skills with us. Perhaps we will be reborn in the future, but in the meantime, we hope you kittens will keep being the movers and shakers that has made us adore all of you. We are excited for all the new groups and projects that have been developing and that are doing the kind of work we love, especially the queer, trans, Indigenous and people of colour oriented ones that have mandates similar to ours. We want to keep supporting your work in any way we can!

Therefore the Sidetracks Screenprinting Team, our group of volunteer screenprinters, will continue to make screenprinting accessible to projects and organizations working for social change, especially those that meet Ste. Emilie’s mandate around self-representation, self-expression, anti-racism and queer liberation. We are currently fundraising $$$ to build a new studio and to pay off some of the costs from our old one (after being suddenly forced to shut down this summer – thank you gentrification!) Soon we will have a fully functioning studio so watch out for us! If you are an individual or community organization that would like to contribute somehow or collaborate on a screenprinting project with the Sidetracks Screenprinting Team, please get in touch with us!
- screenprinting workshops for your volunteers or members
- print posters to promote an event or campaign
- print t-shifts or patches to sell, to raise money for your organization
- print bandanas for all your supporters for the next demonstration <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
- print zine or book covers for your publication
- printing projects to get you and your friends through the winter
- organize a fundraiser for us or with us (and have our eternal love)

We’re on Facebook!

Hello there! 

You’ve found our wordpress! It seems we haven’t been great about keeping it updated… 

So, let us direct you to our FACEBOOK PAGE!! We’re much better at keeping this page up-to-date with the latest news and events. 
Hope to see you there!



The Sidetracks Team.

Zine Show and Tell!

Zine Show and Tell!

Come join us for the sweetest of nights, curled up with tea and zines and fine folks. Bring your friends, bring a zine if you feel so inclined, but mostly bring your beautiful self to a low key night in the Concordia Fine Arts Reading Room.

We hope to see you there!

<3 Sidetracks Screenprinting Team


New Member Orientation and Training!

Hello Folks! The wordpress is not dead!

We are happy to announce our


Sunday, October 13th, noon – 5 and

Sunday, October 20th, noon – 5

at The Ste-Emilie Skillshare
3942 rue Ste-Emilie

Snacks will be provided!

Two great days at Ste-Emilie

Last weekend, we had the 2011 training day for hopecoming sidetracks volunteers at ste-em. What a success it was! A lot of  nice folks came, Walker gave us a great anti-oppression workshop that all got us to think, Tasha generously  covered as much as possible about Ste-Em and its politics, Sidetracks, how to work with community groups, etc. And everyone got to print a little kitty cat! Great. Hope to see everyone around at the next meeting.

Today was also a great day at Ste-Em. Busy open studio! Met a screenprinter who’s interested in becoming a member of Sidetracks, a girl from Toronto who wants to write about us and get involved when she’s in town and I learned that 1) we had a button making machine and 2) how to make buttons! Go to expozine in two weeks to catch a glimpse of the buttons that were made in the space.


Lots of tea to keep you warm.


Late printing at Ste-Em.





On Friday, I did some late night printing at Ste-Em. Got a varied edition of shirts I’m pretty happy with for the band Jaune Orage. Here is a photo of one of the shirts…

The hands and rain are glow in the dark.





Joins-toi au groupe de sérigraphie bénévole SIDETRACKS // JOIN THE SIDETRACKS VOLUNTEER TEAM

** English Follows**

Joins-toi au groupe de sérigraphie bénévole SIDETRACKS

Sidetracks est une équipe de sérigraphes bénévoles superstars! Sidetracks se réunit une fois par mois pour veiller à la gestion des studios du Ste. Emilie Skillshare. Pendant la semaine, le groupe accueille aussi des groupes oeuvrant au sein de la communauté et les aide à réaliser divers projets en sérigraphie. Écris-nous pour manifester ton intérêt à joindre Sidetracks. Aucune expérience nécessaire!

Pourquoi joindre Sidetracks?
*Pour recevoir une formation en sérigraphie.
*Pour t’impliquer au sein de ta communauté et aider à la réalisation de projets engagés.


*Jeudi, 3 novembre 2011, 18h30 au Ste.Emilie Skillshare (3942 Ste-Emilie, St-Henri)

Sujets abordés:
-Qui et qu’est-ce que le Ste. Em?
-Quel est le mandat de Sidetracks?
-Être bénévole, qu’est-ce que ça implique?
-Travailler avec des groupes du communautaire.
-Atelier anti-oppression et sensibilisation.

*DIMANCHE, 6 NOVEMBRE 2011, 12h00 à 18h00 au Ste-Emilie Skillshare (Il est impératif d’être présent à la session d’information pour s’inscrire à la journée de formation. S’il vous est complètement impossible de vous présenter à l’une ou l’autre des sessions, mais que vous souhaitez tout de même vous impliquer, communiquez avec nous et nous trouverons une solution.)

(Si vous voulez en savoir davantage et visiter les studios, vous pouvez nous visiter tous les samedis. De 13h00-18h00, les ateliers sont ouverts à tous ou nous écrire

RSVP au —bon, je pense que c’est clair que c’est notre adresse. une autre petite fois

Sidetracks is a volunteer team of silkscreening super-stars. Sidetracks meets monthly to run Ste. Emilie’s silkscreen studio. They also host community groups and community projects during the week to help them with silkscreening projects. Email Ste. Emilie if you are interested in becoming a sidetracks silkscreening super-star. No experience necessary!

* we will train you how to silkscreen
* you get to work with community organizations to silkscreen radical projects

Email us :

* THURSDAY, 3 NOVEMBER 2011, 6.30PM @ Ste. Emilie Skillshare (3942 Ste. Emilie, St-Henri)

* Who/what is Ste. Emilie Skillshare?
* What is Sidetracks?
* Your Commitements as a Volunteer
* Working with Community Groups
* Anti-Oppression & Sensitivity Training

* SUNDAY, 6 NOVEMBER 2011, 12noon-6PM @ Ste. Emilie Skillshare ((You MUST come to the info session to attend the volunteer training session !!! If you absolutely can’t make it, email us at, tell us your situation and we will work something out))
((if you can’t make it, but still want to find out more, please talk to someone during open studio Saturdays 1-6pm or email us:

Please RSVP:

* Sidetracks Volunteer Screen-printing Team is a club of the Fine Arts Student Alliance at Concordia

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